This is the most affordable way for a business to take advantage of the best practices Skyward has developed through consulting with hundreds of UAS companies, insurers, and regulators around the world. We created the Take Flight Package to empower commercial drone operators to build and manage a safe, successful business.

If you’re just starting out, this package can provide the foundation to help you get up and running as soon as possible. Skyward has helped companies all over the world launch safe, successful, insurable operations.

200+ pages of expertly validated policies & procedures that you can edit for your business:

  • NEW: Guide to Daylight Ops Waivers & Airspace Authorizations (for U.S. companies)
  • NEW: In-Depth sUAS Risk Management Sheet & Quick Risk Assessment
  • Multi-level Training Protocols
  • Risk Management Procedures
  • Crew Coordination Standards
  • Standards for Operating in Remote and Densely Populated Areas
  • Flight Dispatch Checklist
  • Aircraft Maintenance
  • LiPo Battery Handling Standards
  • Job Safety Standards
  • Before-Launch Checklist
  • Before Takeoff Checklist
  • Final Landing Checklist
  • Accident Response Checklist
  • Control Link Failure Standards
  • Loss of Visual Awareness Standards
  • Advice on Obtaining Property Permissions

For Business & Enterprise subscribers: Your designated account manager will be available to answer your questions about the regulatory process and share best practices.

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