Part 107 is great news for U.S. companies that want to use drones to do business. But it also means that businesses and pilots have more responsibility than ever before:

  • Which aircraft are allowed?
  • Where could I get in trouble for flying?
  • How do I get certified to fly?
  • Do I need a waiver to conduct my operation?
The official text to Part 107 is 624 pages long, an unrealistic length for most people to consume. So our regulatory analysts created this guide to help you understand the rules. We’ve also included 82 real-world questions and answers from Skyward customers, webinar attendees, and website commenters.

In 65+ pages, you’ll learn what you need to do to follow the law, fly safely, and run an efficient operation:
  • Pilot qualifications
  • Airspace changes
  • Aircraft requirements
  • Waivers Ops planning
  • Bonus section on business & marketing