Drones are changing the game for news stations and film studios around the world. From individual videographers to major broadcasting enterprises, drones are being used to capture entirely new perspectives and fresh aerial footage at a fraction of the cost of a helicopter flight.

But there’s a lot to consider when launching a drone program — especially at a large media company. After all, drones are still an emerging technology, and the last thing you want is to become the news because of an on-the-scene mishap.

This eBook: Drones for Media, can help you weigh the risks and advantages of investing in a drone program. See what drones can bring to your studio and determine if they’re right for you. It will also help you look into the future of drone technology and see what’s coming next.

Whether you’re ready to launch a program or you’re just looking into it, this eBook will help you:
  • Think through how to establish a business case for your drone operations
  • Establish a program by following aviation best practices and regulations
  • See what it takes to deploy quickly and safely, and learn how to manage public perception
  • Look to the future, including drones connected to wireless networks