How energy and utility companies can run a low-risk, high reward corporate drone program

From pipelines to transmission lines and from wind turbines to offshore oil rigs, energy and utility companies of all sizes are using drones to inspect critical infrastructure, lower risks, and decrease costs.

Few industries have more to gain from using drones, but running low-risk, high-reward ops takes planning and buy-in from risk managers, legal teams, compliance, top-level executives—they’ll all want to know how you’ll comply with regulations, train your pilots, and operate efficiently. And of course, how you'll lower the risks, however small.

Whether you’re launching a pilot program or getting ready to scale, Skyward's newest guide, Drones in Energy and Utilities, will show you:
  • How to present the business value of your drone operation to corporate executives
  • Tips for collaborating with legal and compliance teams on a general operating manual
  • Best practices for risk mitigation—and working with risk managers
  • How to provide full transparency to all the corporate stakeholders