How to achieve buy-in for your drone program

If you work at a major corporation or other large company, you already know that any new initiative often requires layers of approval. With all the media attention surrounding drones, executives and risk managers are taking an even closer look at new drone programs.

Nobody wants to wind up on the front page of the newspaper for the wrong reason.

For managers working within a large organization, it can seem daunting. You want to forge ahead with use cases and hiring pilots, but you don’t want to have your program sidelined just because of poor communication.

Here’s the good news: The most efficient, effective drone programs are also the lowest risk, most compliant drone programs. It’s a matter of knowing what your operation needs to be successful and collaborating effectively with all the stakeholders. At Skyward, this is our speciality.

Whether you’re launching a pilot program or getting ready to scale, this eBook will show you:
  • How to present the business value of your drone operation to corporate executives
  • Tips for collaborating with legal and compliance teams on a general operating manual
  • Best practices for risk mitigation—and working with risk managers
  • How to provide full transparency to all the corporate stakeholders