The most efficient, effective corporate drone programs can also be the safest. Yet, it’s common for risk managers and compliance teams to view drones as a potential liability. At Skyward, we believe that drones can actually be a safety asset—one that improves a company’s safety record, even as it gives access to new revenue, better processes, and more useful data.

Like any other piece of technology, drones are only as safe as the humans that operate them and the systems put in place to manage them. Our expert panelists will go over the features of a safe drone program, as well as ways to work with your risk managers and legal team. 

In this on demand webinar, you'll learn:

  • Components of a safe drone program & building a culture of safety
  • Working with risk managers and lawyers
  • Safety in action: Roof inspections & crew safety on erosion control projects
  • BONUS: LAANC & safe access to more airspace