Connecting Drones to the Verizon Network: Enable Next-Generation Drone Ops Today

Many assume the value of connected drones to cellular networks is all about BVLOS, but good news: There's lots of value now, even if you’re not using drones for exotic, complex operations that are mired in a morass of regulatory headaches. 

Connected drones do much more than let you fly a long ways off. They can get the data that is needed, to the people who need it, faster and in more complex environments than unconnected operations can. Connected drones are available today, and this white paper will show you why that matters.

In this white paper you’ll learn:

  • Why we’re connecting drones to a cellular network in the first place
  • How 4G LTE connectivity improves both reliability and performance
  • How cellular connectivity works in the air
  • About operations that can be enabled with cellular connectivity
  • What Verizon has done to connect drones to the cellular network without impacting network performance