We wanted to see how medium and large companies view drone technology today and how they plan to put them to work in the near future. We found that most industry reports are focused on hardware or include fleet operators and freelance drone pilots in the study.

So we partnered with a third-party firm, Blue Research®, to obtain unbiased data from $50M+ companies. What are the major trends in the commercial drone market? How are companies using drone technology and are they realizing ROI? What are their major challenges?

If you’re building a business case for your drone program, or just want to understand what other companies are up to, this report is for you.

What’s included:
  • 35+ pages of easy-to-understand data 
  • Size of current commercial drone market and how fast it’s projected to grow
  • Types of companies using drones, how much they are spending on these programs, and their return on investment 
  • Top challenges faced by companies that are already using drones 
  • Detailed description of the study’s methodology
How this report is different:
  • 1,736 individuals from medium and large U.S. companies were surveyed
  • The study focuses on the value drones are providing to companies, rather than on the commercial demand for drone hardware
  • This report is being provided at no cost