There’s a lot to consider when launching a corporate drone program, but this may be the most important question of all: What do we need and how much will it cost?

In this webinar, DARTdrones and Skyward cover the essential elements of a drone program at a large company. You’ll come away knowing:
  • The components of a successful drone program
  • How to forecast for next fiscal year
  • How to quantify ROI for your drone program and create a cost/benefit analysis
  • The right training & onboarding programs
  • The best safety protocols, policies, and procedures
This webinar walks you through the steps of forecasting a drone program’s return on investment, using a handy ROI Calculator developed by Anne Hinkle, Skyward’s own director of finance. You’ll get your own copy of the ROI Calculator with your download so you can follow along and put our best practices into action right away.