Have a plan for your drones before disaster strikes

In the wake of a hurricane, tornado, flood, or wildfire, drones can be an effective way for a company to quickly assess damage to property and infrastructure in order to prioritize repairs and keep workers out of harm's way. 

We speak from experience. Millions of households and businesses throughout the U.S. depend on Verizon infrastructure every day. So when a disaster occurs, we have to be ready to get up and running again as quickly as possible. The key is to have a plan in place well in advance.

In this white paper, Skyward's chief pilot Tariq Rashid describes a framework for coordinating aerial imaging operations in a disaster or emergency scenario. The processes can be applied to aerial imaging operations that include internal and contracted flight teams, conducted via drone, manned aircraft, or both.

The goal is to speed the recovery process by increasing the efficiency and frequency of inspections, damage assessments, and other recovery-assisting operations, while maintaining safe, well-coordinated operations.