Keeping the project on track is critical. So when you need to fly a drone to examine a structure or capture progress photos, don’t let airspace regulations and complexities stall you out. In this webinar, we’ll talk about the most common FAA waivers and authorizations, why you need them, and how to navigate the regulatory process.

JE Dunn and Skyward share practical tips on applying for an FAA waiver or authorization as well as best practices for flying drones safely on the jobsite. In addition, we give an update on U.S. drone regulations and how they’ll affect the industry.

We cover:

  • Logistics of flight planning in controlled airspace
  • What to expect when applying for an FAA waiver or authorization
  • Process and procedures obtaining a Daylight Operations and Operations Over People Waiver
  • How to set up actionable policies and procedures that support a safe and efficient workflow