The Construction and Engineering sector was one of the first to broadly adopt drones — and construction companies continue to offer some of the most innovative applications for drones to make jobs faster, easier, and most importantly, safer.

But risks and liabilities can be an obstacle when trying to implement drones on the job site. Most Project Managers aren’t airspace experts, and setting up a drone program that can scale means you have to iron out a million details. Your company has deadlines to hit, and you can’t slow down while building a drone program.

Join us for a quick 30-minute webinar to take a look at how Skyward helps construction companies create drone programs from the ground up in a matter of weeks.

We’ll cover:

  • How to pitch company stakeholders on drones
  • Drone policies, manuals, and standard operating procedures
  • Pilot training, certification, and qualification
  • Putting drone data to work for 3D modeling, 2D mapping, and more