Big companies lead the way when it comes to technological adoption. But it’s not just Amazon and Google—medium and large companies in the U.S. (companies with $50M+ in annual revenue) are adopting and innovating with drones at increasing rates. We wanted to see how medium and large companies view drone technology today and how they plan to put them to work in the near future.

We partnered with a third-party firm, Blue Research®, to obtain unbiased data from $50M+ companies. What are the major trends in the commercial drone market? How are companies using drone technology and are they realizing ROI? What are their major challenges? See Paul Abel, Ph.D., Managing Partner of Blue Research®, Mariah Scott, President of Skyward; and Matt Fanelli, Director of Strategy as they review the findings. Bonus: We’ll also be providing an update on the current state of industry regulations.

If you’re building a business case for your drone program, or just want to understand what other companies are up to, you won’t want to miss this webinar.

What we’ll discuss:
  • How big the current commercial drone market is today and how fast is it projected to grow
  • Types of companies using drones, how much they are spending on these programs and the value drones are delivering 
  • Top challenges faced by companies that are already using drones and their interest in potential solutions
How you can use this information:
  • Build a data-driven business case for your company’s drone program 
  • Understand how drones are being used and their value-add 
  • Identify and avoid common pitfalls
  • Find opportunities for early adoption—or whether you’re behind the curve